Alimony Attorney from Los Angeles

Alimony is something that only comes into play if you have gotten a divorce. In Los Angeles, alimony is determined by many different factors. Alimony is not something that every divorced couple is entitled to. It depends on the length of the marriage, the lifestyle of the marriage, and income of both spouses, as well as other factors. Land Legal Group, APC are a family law firm based in Los Angeles, California that can help you no matter if you were the person who asked for the divorce or if you are the person who is asking for the alimony, they can help you. You will want to have a lawyer on your side to have a lesser chance of having tensions risen.


Anything pertaining to a divorce can cause stress and tensions levels to rise. A way to help keep everything at bay is having a skilled alimony attorney Los Angeles. The lawyer will do what it can to have an ethical amount of alimony chosen. They are not trying to screw one party over or give too much to another party. The point of alimony is to ensure that both parties in the divorce can still continue on with their lives. To ensure that neither party becomes homeless and still has the means to get food and clothing.

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