Racial Discrimination Attorney San Bernardino

We live in a time where racism is still very rooted in the beliefs of some people. What these people need to know is how unethical it is to discriminate against someone based on their race. Racial discrimination in the work place is highly illegal, and if you are being discriminated against at your job because of your race, you need to call a San Bernardino race discrimination attorney.  There are different ways that someone can be discriminated against in the work place based on their race. These include but are not limited to, the employer refusing to hire someone based on their race, gives them less job benefits, worse job assignments, and lesser training, fires a person solely on their race, makes their job so unbearable because of their race that it forces them to quit. If you feel as though this has happened to you, contact Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP a San Bernardino employment and labor law firm, to talk about your options. Sometimes legal action is what it takes to get people to treat others fairly.


Race discrimination in San Bernardino is not limited just to not being treated fairly in terms how to do your job, what tools you are given, and things of that nature it can also be harassment. Being harassed at work is also illegal. People are not allowed to say offensive jokes, make derogatory statements, racial slurs, or display any racially offensive images or symbols. This happing at your place of employment would also be a reason as to why you would call the San Bernardino employment law firm, Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP. They want to help you have a safer work environment, a place where you get the promotions you deserve because you worked hard for them, and a place you do not have to worry about someone calling you something offensive.

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