Washington D.C. Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug crime attorney Washington D.C. from the criminal law firm of Lotze Mosley, LLP

Crucial to the seriousness of the charge is, among other things, which drugs are involved and what quantities. Violent drugs such as marijuana or hashish are treated differently than amphetamines, XTC or hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Also decisive is the respective active ingredient content, ie the “quality” of the drugs, such as the THC content of cannabis. Heavy sentences to jail on hard drugs In BtMG violations (ie violations of the Narcotics Act) with hard drugs threatens imprisonment regularly – which is certainly imposed even with first-time offenders without suspension to the probation. Take care of yourself and hire an attorney in Washington D.C.

In contrast, the penalties for soft drugs are significantly lower, so that in addition to fines probation sentences are more likely to achieve. Which drug offense is exactly accused? Criminal proceedings for drug offenses live on the evidence of police and prosecutors. Which deeds and which drugs can be concretely assigned to the accused? The drug use itself is unpunished – but not the possession. And import and trade of drugs are punished severely. Anyone who acts commercially or as a member of a gang has to fear even higher penalties. You should contact Lotze Mosley, LLP a criminal law firm in Washington D.C. if you find yourself involved in a drug crime case.

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