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Do I need the support of a lawyer for criminal law?

If you are being prosecuted in a criminal case, you should contact a specialized defense lawyer in a timely manner. Law enforcement agencies are usually not interested in proving your innocence or in their favor. Without the participation of a lawyer, the balance of power between an accused person and the law enforcement authorities is not balanced. The participation of a lawyer significantly strengthens the procedural status of an accused person and compensates for the procedural imbalance in favor of the law enforcement authorities. The defense counsel will insist on compliance with the procedural rules and assess the evidence against the background of self-incrimination. Mark C. Cogan, P.C. is a criminal law firm in Portland.

Despite low guilt, hiring is out of the question if there is a public interest in prosecution. A public interest may result in particular from special or general preventive considerations, the interest of the public in education and from the position of the injured person in public life.

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