Understanding How To Protect the Child Using Custody Law

To understand the custody of children, it is good to know that in the eyes of the law, physical and legal custody, there are two types of custody. In detention there are children. For example, if the child lives with his mother, it means the mother has custody of the child. Sometimes, during the holiday months, the child has one parent with him to live with the other. In these situations, custody moves from one parent to another. In contrast to physical custody, custody at least theoretically has nothing to do with the child’s stay.


Whitmarsh Family Law, a family law firm located in Los Angeles, provides a parent the right to make important decisions about their child. These include decisions regarding health, education, and general health issues. In most cases, both custody and custody are with the same parent, unless the parents have joint custody.


The custody laws can be very different in each state. Therefore, you want to find out which laws apply in your country.

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